Minari Movie Discussion


Our Nomadlanad discussion was a fun success so now we are planning another movie night centered on the film, Minari. Our tentative time in 8PM (EST) on September 28th.

Watch this space for more information as the "committee" pushes itself to do more planning and less discussing of the film. We think our classmates will enjoy the film as much as we have.

You can rent the film on several outlets and Mary Ann is already keeping a list of those interested on being included in this discussion Zoom. Just let her know.

Please plan to join us. 

Jenni Dewolf, Karel Koenig, Judy Reeve, Steph Smith, Mary Ann Weiss and Alice Andrus


September 21, 2021

Remember our Class "Minari" Movie Discussion

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Dear Classmates:


    Our plans for our class discussion of the film “Minari” are ready. Please join us on Tuesday evening September 28th at 8 pm ET for this our, second Class of 1963 film discussion.


    “Minari” tells the semi-autobiographical story of a Korean family who migrate from California to Arkansas in the 1980’s to pursue the American dream of owning their own land and growing Korean vegetables.  The family of four are joined by an indomitable, (if slightly eccentric) grandmother who brings with her, some minari, a watercress like plant, that grows wild in swampy places.  The themes of intergenerational family relationships, girl’s and women’s roles, the nurturing land, the immigrant experience of assimilation, and aging are all explored in this moving film.

    The many intriguing themes raised in “Minari” are especially relevant to us now. As a country we will be absorbing many more new immigrants. Learning of the struggles and determination of the family in “Minari” can bring us valuable insights as we begin to help immigrants adjust to their new lives among us. 

 “Minari” is an American film written by Lee Isaac Chung. The actress, 73 year-old Youn Yuh-jung, won the 2021 Academy Award for best supporting actress in her role as Soon-ja. She is the first-ever Korean actor to win an Oscar. 


Please watch “Minari” and then join our Zoom discussion on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 from 8pm ET to 9:30 pm ET


“Minari” can be rented or purchased for streaming from the following formats:  


Amazon Prime                          $4.99 Rent  $12.99 Buy

Apple TV                                  (Not sure of the cost.)

Vudu                                        $4.99 Rent $12.99 Buy

Google Play                              $4.99 Rent

YouTube                                  $5.99 Rent  $14.99 Buy


   If you are interested in being part of the discussion please email Mary Ann Searles Weiss weissma@nku.edu as soon as possible.  In September the Zoom link will be emailed to everyone who has shown interest with details re the format of our discussion and the Zoom link on September 24th.


We look forward to another valuable discussion and another opportunity to continue our connections and to create new ones.  


Alice Andrus

Jenni DeWolf

Karel Koenig

Judy Reeve

Steph Smith

Mary Ann Searles Weiss

Judy Widmann