Web Emails

Mount Holyoke College
Class of 1963

Sent 1/11/14

Dear MHC 1963 Classmates,

Here is a brief statistical update on our auxillary website, mountholyokecollege1963.org, created just one year ago on 1/11/13.  

4929 Home Page Visits. The home page counter has a 24 hour clock, meaning that if a visitor accesses our home page over and over again in a 24 hour block of time, which is typical when browsing around a site, she is only counted 1 time. If the same visitor returns to our home page after 24 hours, she is counted again 1 time.

45.6 % of our classmates are active participants, indicated by having created a profile. In other words, 172 are active on the site and 205 are inactive. Note that we included names of graduate students who received degrees in 1963 on the initial list of classmates and deceased classmates are not included in these numbers. 

18.6 % of active classmates' profiles have photos.

And we would love to have more participants, more photos, more comments. It's been fun to see the site develop and we hope you will help it grow further by adding photos and stories and inviting classmates to join.

We will be discussing the websites (this and the official alumnae association site) toward the end of February. If you have comments or suggestions for the conversation, please send them along.

Happy new year and happy webbing,

Mary Ann Weiss, Stephanie Smith and Sally Nunneley


Sent 12/13

Dear Classmates,

We have a brand new Classmate Profiles format on our class web site. This new format developed by ClassCreator, our website host, is more dynamic and engaging and we think you'll really enjoy it.

Log into the site and click your "Edit Profile" link to see the changes. You can now do some new things like:

  1. Upload a "Then" photo of how you looked in your high school years.
  2. Upload a "Now" photo showing what you look like today. It's interesting seeing the Then & Now photos side by side.
  3. Click the photo gallery icon in the upper right to add more Profile photos. It's now faster and easier to add any photos you want.
  4. Click the videos tab then paste in a video link, such as a Youtube video link (just copy the web address of the video from your browser's address bar). Voila, the video has been added to your Profile!
  5. Quickly toggle back and forth from Profile Edit view to Profile Preview view by clicking the button at the top of your Profile.

The Profile display now includes this feature:

  1. Classmates can make comments on various items throughout your Profile. Give it a look! If you prefer others not comment on your Profile items you can remove the ability to comment by clicking Edit Profile and turning off the Comments feature.


Please log into the web site and take a look at both your Profile Edit screen and the Profile Display. We hope you enjoy these great new features!

Mary Ann Searles Weiss

Stephanie Smith

Sally Nunneley

We have yet to experiment with this new format ourselves, but it looks like we all will be able to develop and see our profile information more easily.



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Sent March 6, 2013

Hooray 63ers! 
We whizzed by our initial goal of 63 classmates joining our website. Your web "mistresses" are delighted because the more classmates who join, the more opportunity we all have to catch up with one another. We are having great fun seeing what you, our dear classmates, are doing with this site. 
We have included additional profile questions. You may decide to add to your data by going toEdit Profile. Remember, if you don't answer a question, the question will not show up on your profile page. You are in control of your page.
Aren't pictures great? Think about adding photos to your profile page. Stephanie Smith andSally Nunneley may be able to help you if you ask. They can also add a thumbnail of youryearbook picture to your profile. To see an example of their handiwork, you might check out my (MASW) profile.
Your adding a note to the In Memoriam page helps us all recall classmates we miss. Thanks to those who have already shared memories.
We do not have email addresses for the classmates listed on the Non Notified Classmatespage. We encourage you to invite a friend whose name is on that page to join our site if you think she would be interested. Please do not write to anyone who you suspect would prefer not to be involved. We certainly don't want to annoy anyone.
We have updated Susie and Karen's Letters to what was actually sent out by the Alumnae Association. There is a copy of the official reunion registration form at the end of the letter that you could print. To register online, go to the Alumnae Association website at  http://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/reunion/. We will keep the letter as it was sent out and make updates on the Reunion Basics page of the website.
We hope you continue to find our reunion site fun and helpful. And feedback is always useful.
Mary Ann Searles Weiss
Stephanie Smith
Sally Nunneley
Sent 2/16/13
Hello Class of 1963! 

We may not have had computers when we were writing term papers, creating Junior Show and sending messages home, but we have now caught up with the times! 

This is to announce our new class website focusing on our upcoming 50th reunion at http://www.mountholyokecollege1963.org

This site has reunion information, photos, videos, and opportunities for classmates to reconnect. We hope you will enjoy it. 

So, please check it out, join by filling in some of your profile information*, and have fun. It is free and your profile information will be viewed only by classmates who have also joined the site. 

In order to make this work, we listed all classmates names manually. Errors are inevitable, so let us know our mistakes and we will correct them. Also, if you wish to have your name removed from the list, let us know that as well.

We still have our Alumnae Association class website posted at http://sites.alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/wp/1963/. Who says we aren't techie? Not us.

See you on line, and hopefully, at reunion.

Mary Ann Searles Weiss for your Class Communications Committee,

Stephanie Smith

Cassie Lord Miller 

Sally Nunneley

*To "join" the website, click on your name on the Classmate Profiles page, create your own password, fill in the profile information you are comfortable sharing with classmates, and save your work. You will then be able to check out other classmates'profiles. 

Also, this email is going only to those for whom we have an email address. Please forward it to classmates you think we may have missed.