Missing Classmates


The classmates listed below do not have profiles because we do not have email addresses for them.  As a result, they have not received any notice of this website or other emails from the class. If you are in touch with one of these classmates, please tell her she is missed and encourage her to join this site <www.mountholyokecollege1963.org> by clicking on her name, creating a password, and entering her profile information. 

Note: As far as we know, Mount Holyoke does have home addresses of most of our classmates and they continue to receive mail from the Alumnae Association. 

So what should we call this page?  Suggestions welcome! (Mary Ann)


Janet Baggenstoss
Johanna Barrie (Mangion)
Joan Brainard
Susan Bull (Eggers)
Denyce Burg
Marie Jeanne Cadgene
Elizabeth Cameron (Wroth)
Cynthia Carey
Emily Carrick (Stier)
Lynn Carroll (Stokes)
Linda Christensen (Graham)
Jane Clayton (Boyd)
Rosalind Cochrane (Cochrane-Dhority)
Sabrina Coffey (Chapman)
Carol Cone
Janice Coyle (Emerson)
Elisabeth Cramer (Weissbach)
Susan Curtiss
Carol Deasy (Dickson)
Jacqueline Debien
Caroline Donnis (Murray)
Anne Eastman (Yeomans)
Barbara Flannery (Nye)
Sally Fleet (Boenau)
Margaret Frantz
Gayle Fusari (Ackerman)
Gail Gipstein (Romanow)
Anne Goll (Shapiro)
Maud Grayson
Susan Higginbotham (Mennis)
Joan Hintlian (O'Mara)
Judith Hoffman (Swartz)
Suzanne Howells (McDaniel)
Virginia Inglis
Patricia Kimball (Lowenberg)
Carolyn Lanford (Eastman)
Nancy MacMaster (Thompson)
Jane Malina (Levinson)
Wendy Markson (Cimmet)
Jan Mesics (French)
Judith Miller (Shongut)
Dorothy Minshall (Metzger)
Marilyn Nassif (Smith)
Eugenia Norris (Gregory)
Fay Papa (Sullivan)
Sandra Pape (D'Angelo)
Martha Parkhill (Wilson)
Mary Rosen (Salkever)
Nancy Rowe (Bennett)
Nancy Rowe Beroud (Bennett)
Patricia Rowland (Webb)
Ann-Louise Schlesinger (Silver)
Gretchen Schoenfeld (Curtis)
Naomi Schwiesow
Katherine Scott (Rysanek)
Ethel Smith (Hempstead)
Marcia Smith (Dalva)
Martha Sokolowicz (Miller)
Barbara Sophios (Santos)
Sabra Stair (Hassel)
Anne Staplin (Syer)
Ruth Steyn
Margaret Stickle (Williams)
Martha Jane Taylor
Diane Tillotson (Myslik)
Eleanor Tracy (Jenkins)
Lydia Voskresensky (Hoffmeyer)
Marged Winder (Sugarman)