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10/27/23 12:01 AM #744    


Edith Dulles

Dear All,

Jane Ashbrook Southworth is the correct name for Jane. I am sad one more of our exceptional class members isn't with us now. Thank you, Edie

11/10/23 10:10 AM #745    


Alice Godfrey (Andrus)

Dear friends:  Mount Holyoke News

You might be interested to know that Marcella Runnel who is  Vice President of Student LIfe , Dean of Studetns and lecturer in Religion, was honored as the outstainding member in her field by the national association. Marcella is a delight to zoom with at various times through college outreach to alumnae. She has a huge job now with so much worrying students from ongoing wars and vitriolic posts on social media. Daniela Holley, our President, has been firm in the college's statement against hatred toward others. Marcella champions the continuous discussion and groups to comfort and care for all on the campus, particularly the students. 


You can find details on college sites such as Click on news and events both which will update you on current doings there and with faculty and students. Best, Alice

11/23/23 09:23 AM #746    


Karel Mortenson (Koenig)

Happy Thanksgiving to us all!  

   As we collectively mourn the horrible loss of life and ill will we see in our country, around the world, and especially in Israel and Gaza, may we find hope and give thanks. Hope for a humane future we cannot yet see, and thanks for our lives and friendships. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to begin with thanks - for the smallest gifts of our everyday lives, for the support of others who help us navigate through difficult times, for the resources and health to live more than 80 years, and for each other.

May your Thanksgiving day be fillied with the warmth and love of friends and family.  Karel



11/24/23 01:30 PM #747    


Elaine Cox (Jacoby)

Thank you, Karel, I hope you have all had a happy Thanksgiving, and I join in Karel's wishes and goals for the future. 
Best, Elaine

12/04/23 10:50 PM #748    


Mary Ann Searles (Weiss)

Congratulations to Mary Ann Bridley Szporluk on the positive review in the Sunday NYT (12/3/23) of a book she  translated from Russian, The Tears and Prayers of Fools by Grigory Kanovich. 

12/05/23 11:02 AM #749    


Edith Dulles

Dear Mary Ann, 

Thank you for pointing out this article to us. The book seems worthwhile, and very good work of our own classmate! I'm putting it on my list!

Love, Edie



12/05/23 11:34 AM #750    


Nancy Selinka (White)

Thanks from me, too. I went to high school with Mary Ann--one of the best and the brightest!


12/05/23 01:01 PM #751    


Karel Mortenson (Koenig)

Yes, Congratulations, Mary Ann Szporluk! My admiration for your skill and persistent work. And Thanks Mary Ann Weiss.  I am digging up the review out of my recycling because I too missed it. I ordered the book. Hope it arrives very soon.  


12/05/23 02:03 PM #752    


Elaine Cox (Jacoby)

Congratulations, Mary Ann!  What a thrill to read about your book.   It's been far roo,long since we've been in touch but Imthink of you often. 
best, as always, Elaine

12/05/23 02:43 PM #753    

Mary Ann Bridley (Szporluk)

My thanks to Mary Ann and all the others who sent messages today about the NYT review of the Kanovich novel I translated. I'm very happy that the author is at last getting some publicity here. This was his favorite book. He died in January 2023 and didn't get to see the actual book, but he knew it was finally being published in English.

12/06/23 07:23 AM #754    


Mary Jenness (Raine)

I wrote to Mary Ann and ordered the book . How wonderful that we and all English speaking readers can finally read his favorite book thanks to her fine efforts. 

12/06/23 06:27 PM #755    


Nancy Selinka (White)

Mary Ann--I add my congratulations! I, too, just ordered the book and am looking forward to reading it. What an accomplishment!


12/08/23 10:46 AM #756    


Alice Godfrey (Andrus)

To add to the comments on the terrible situation in Gaza and Israel, Ukraine and Russia, I am sharing that I led a prayer service petitioning God for peace in those war zones, and  locally  Incidents of violence in Burlington, Lewiston and Concord have traumatized our citizens.The service was produced on the streghtn of several classmates; notably, Karel Koenig, Nawrie Meigs Brown and Anne Yeomans who all inspired me with prayers and poetry. Thank you, friends. 

I'd love to hear how you all are addressing these fears and uncertainty in your own ways. 


12/09/23 07:20 PM #757    


Mary-Ellen Carey (Moroney)

I am praying for the sfve return of the Hamas hostages and for the surrender of Hamas and, if not that, the end of Hamas hidding behind Palastinian cilivans.

12/17/23 12:39 PM #758    


Karel Mortenson (Koenig)

Holiday wishes for us all! Themes of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, and New Years are all about gratitude, light for ourselves, and our world, a world with peace and new beginnings.

May your celebrations be warm and enjoyable times shared with those you love. May they be celebrations that bring you hope and inspiration for the new year. 2024 promises to be momentous. May our community and our spirit help overcome our fears; and may we bring light to our world.

01/13/24 12:14 AM #759    


Elaine Cox (Jacoby)

Best wishes to all of our 1963: classmates for a happy, healthy new year. I'm also wishing for less division in our country and a peaceful resolution to the wars that have devastated so many millions of people. Let's stay engaged!

02/12/24 11:13 AM #760    


Edith Dulles

     Enjoying  Up Home, Ruth J. Simmons amazing story of sharecropper child to president of Smith, etc. Living & experiencing southern customs & issues hits home. 

04/21/24 12:41 PM #761    


Karel Mortenson (Koenig)

For everyone who is observing and celebrating Passover: May coming together with family and friends help us find a path to healing in this time of suffering - suffering from hate, war, starvation, grief, and trauma. May we find strength and renewed spiritual energy in our personal lives and in our dedication to healing the world, Tikun Olam.

04/21/24 04:12 PM #762    


Edith Dulles

Dear Karel,

     Thank you! Right now, your message seems especially important. XO, Edie

04/22/24 06:17 AM #763    


Alice Godfrey (Andrus)

Mara Benjamin, the college professor of Religion and spiritual guide for Jewish students on campus has been seledcted as a Guggenheim Fellow this yaar. She is the only one from MHC. What an honor (well-deserved no doubt) especially on the eve of Passover. Mazel Tov to Mara! 

04/22/24 11:29 AM #764    


Nancy Selinka (White)

Thank you, Karel. To all, a sweet Passover--a celebration of freedom and renewal of life. 


04/22/24 01:11 PM #765    


Susan Fickel (Kroeger)

I was invited by the leader of the Passover celebration here at Meadow Ridge in Redding CT, a CCRC, to do several readings for the Seder from the Haggadah on Tuesday.  Although I am a Christian I felt deeply honored to be included.  I'm looking forward to participating in this celebration of freedom, peace and love.  We are also having a special prayer for the hostages.  Greetings to my classmates.....

04/24/24 09:49 AM #766    


Alice Godfrey (Andrus)

To sit at a Seder table is indeed an honor. I have had that privilege with my dear friend, Enid Lasko Kay, and her family. My grandsons joined me on one occasion. I am heartened to hear positive news of people coming together in tradition and remembrance of our history as we seek justice and peace among nations.. At his birth, Jesus crossed over from Bethlehem to Egypt and  safety. There has always been a way to safety, we just need to clear our eyes and hearts. 

05/16/24 09:43 AM #767    


Karel Mortenson (Koenig)

Commencement 2024

One year post our memorable 60th Reunion! 

This year's Commencement is this Sunday -  May 19th. It will be streamed and the link will be posted on Sunday morning. Googling "Commencement Mount Holyoke College" should give access to the link.

Danielle Holley's first year at Mount Holyoke has been marked by international turmoil that is extending to college campuses and to many students, faculty, and alums personally. Danielle Holley and the Office of Community Building and Belonging is giving close attention to these personal and Mount Holyoke community needs. Although I have no inside knowledge of the program or the plans for this year's Commencement. I think Commencement is likely to reflect these issues (either directly or indirectly) and how the campus is responding. I look forward to watching. 

05/18/24 02:10 PM #768    


Elaine Cox (Jacoby)

Thank you, Karel. Just want to add that President Holley was here in Princeton at the invitation of the local club. Her remarks were insightful and revealing of the state of the college community. Her responses to questions were thoughtful. I asked her about potential or actual protests over the situation in Israel and Gaza, and her response emphasized the efforts by the administration to bring people together by creating opportunities for inclusive discussion and respect for different opinions. This approach seems to have worked to prevent protests. '

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