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Grace (Bouge) Bougere
Grace (Bouge) Bougere


Grace (Bouge) Bougere


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Henderson, NV USA
Spouse/Partner: Wendell Jones died Sept 21,2013
Occupation: Special ED Teacher
Children: Dr Daniel Jones
Dr Kimberly Jones
Brian Jones

Bouge's husband, Wendell, recently died. Below I (MASW) have posted a Eulogy she sent that gives a lovely reflection of his life.

Eulogy – Wendell Oren Jones
December 5, 2013

Good Afternoon – My name is Larry Murphy. I live in San Diego and I am very honored that Grace asked me to share a few things about Wendell, about the wonderful life he lived, and how very much he meant to me and to all of us.
Wendell and I met some 25 years ago as business associates, but quickly became close dear friends. Whether walking through the French Quarter in New Orleans or enjoying a drink at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in San Diego, we just hit it off together. Later on, our wives – Rosemarie and Grace – would meet and it was a fit with them as well.
I still remember, as if it were only yesterday, a conversation we had almost two years ago when Wendell was first diagnosed with cancer. After sharing our mutual love, concern and respect, and quite a few tears, Wendell asked if I would do his Eulogy. Of course, I told him I would – anywhere/any place - but with his fortitude and love of life I was sure that he would be around long after I was gone. Sadly, but proudly today, I am here to fulfill that commitment I made to my dear friend – Wendell Oren Jones.
I think the primary reason Wendell and I were such close friends is that we shared so much in common – Southerners, humble beginnings, military officers, Viet Nam veterans, Technology executives, pioneers in Outsourcing Strategies, and most importantly, a deep love and pride in our beautiful wives, our great children and our wonderful grandchildren. Also, as all who knew him can attest, Wendell was a “world class can-do” gentleman whose infectious personality, intelligence, love of life and humble southern charm enabled him to be successful in everything he undertook.
Wendell had an illustrious career. Because some of you may not know, I would like to share with you just a few of his many achievements.
Wendell was a remarkably successful military officer – rising to the rank of full colonel in the Regular Army. He was a hero in the Viet Nam war – he served multiple tours and was awarded numerous medals for his bravery including not one but three Bronze Stars and the Legion of Merit. Recognizing not only his skill as a combat warrior, but also his keen intellect and technology acumen West Point chose him to lead their Computer Sciences faculty in the early 1980’s.
After retiring from the military, Wendell continued to be a leader in the civilian world of technology. He was a renowned and universally acknowledged world class technology executive for large companies including McDonnell Douglas, NASDAQ, and Compaq Computer Corporation. He was a thought leader in the development of global Outsourcing strategies. The books he authored on Outsourcing are still used today. Even, the Chinese government sought him out in order to utilize his knowledge for building their outsourcing businesses. In 2012, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals at their annual meeting honored him as an “Industry Giant” for his decades of thought leadership.
Wow – as if that was not a full life time of achievements, after leaving the corporate world, he excelled as both an MBA and undergraduate professor at Stetson University in Florida and the University of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Additionally, in recognition of his technology knowledge and management skills, he was selected as Chairman of the Society of Information Management (SIM) which provides professional leadership for Chief Information and Chief Technology Officers throughout North America.
I was always impressed with how Wendell could take a complex subject and define it in simple logical terms. He knew something about almost any subject that came up and was clearly a “Man for All Seasons”. He held more college degrees than anyone I know. He had a Bachelor of Science degree, an MBA, a PhD, and Post Doctoral Fellowship degrees plus some I probably don’t even know about. Also, he graduated from the top Military Schools including – Command and General Staff College and the Army War College.
Yet, while all of these achievements and awards are remarkable, they pale in comparison with what I think Wendell would like his legacy to be and what he would like to be remembered for. First and foremost he loved and cherished his marriage and wife of 50 years – Grace Ann Bougere Jones. His eyes would sparkle when he spoke about Grace and he liked to relate how she could see through any façade and would suffer no fools. I, like all of you here, marveled at Wendell’s desire to live, his drive and internal strength; his tenacity to overcome setbacks and pain; and his indomitable spirit to reach and achieve the goal of celebrating Grace and his 50th/Golden Wedding anniversary at a glorious event with family and friends in Boston.
He and Grace had a wonderful partnership and a love that was beautiful to see. They could joke, they could discuss opposite points of view – note, I didn’t say argue - vigorously but with civility, but most of all they could love unconditionally each other and all of their three wonderful children.
Wendell was a devoted family man. He was so very proud of his children – Dr. Daniel Jones, Brian Jones, Dr. Kimberly Jones Rudolph and their spouses. Humbly, he would share that each excelled in both their personal lives and professional lives which they purposely chose so they could help others. He liked to tell stories about Grace and his grandchildren, nephews and nieces. He never forgot his brothers and sister who had preceded him. Also, it was evident from not just his family but from his many friends around the country and the world that they recognized him as someone who brought something into their lives that is extraordinarily good and can never be extinguished.
I think you all know that Wendell had a kind, caring heart for those less fortunate than him, but some of you may not know how Wendell manifested this through the giving of his time, efforts, and skills to serve as a first responder on the Clark County Trauma and Crisis Intervention team. Regardless of the time of day or what he was doing, he would use his “Care Giving” skills to comfort, support, and help others in extreme pain and need. Imagine what a better world it would be if only more people had a heart like that possessed by Wendell.
As Wendell used to say - we are all like stained glass windows – it is easy to sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but in darkness, inner beauty is revealed only if a bright light is shining from within. Wendell had that inner light of caring for others and his inner beauty always shown through.
I am proud and honored to have known Wendell Oren Jones and to have been one of his cherished and close friends. He was my Hero. I will never forget him.
Thank you

What did you do right out of college?

Married June 22, 1963

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The last three years have been the most difficult of my life. I met Wendell during my political internship in Washington, DC and very shortly after graduating from college, I married him.He loved his work and reluctantly retired in Dec 2012, only to find out he had stage four lung cancer in January 2013. He made it to our 50th anniversary which turned out to be a terrific gathering of friends and family, one of joy and laughter and great recollections.
I want to thank Alice Andrus and Karen Benson for their words of support and compassion during the difficult caretaker period. You are two remarkable women and to think, what a busy period it was for the two of you and yet you found the time, many thanks. Wendell received much of his medical care at Beth Israel in Boston and Lil Kemp offered her home and heartfelt support numerous times. Thank you.

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