In Memoriam

Melinda Clancy (Hegarty)

Date Deceased: 11-23-2010
Age at Death: 67
Cause of Death: Illness

Dr. Melinda Clancy Hegarty received her PhD in Art History from the University of Iowa. She was a renaissance scholar and retired from university research and teaching in Illinois in 2007. She inspired generations of students to pursue their passion for the arts. Melinda enjoyed spending time in Florence and visiting museums across the country. She moved to Iowa City after she retired to be close to their excellent teaching hospital and to participate in the intellectually stimulating environment of a vibrant college town. Her love of travel lives on in an endowed scholarship providing opportunities for generations of future art students to travel the world pursuing their studies. She is survivved by her sons, Aran and Blake Hegarty.

This information was provided to us in 2014 by Aran Hegarty.