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Elizabeth Baker

Elizabeth Baker

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05/13/13 01:11 PM #1    

Beverley Brown (Bryant)

Betsy Baker was a delightful human being. She had a great sense of humor, a quick laugh and was a good story teller. I must confess that most of my long conversations with Betsy were held as we trudged (mostly in the snow and ice, as I remember) from the Mandelles all the way over to Torrey Hall for early evening meetings of the Athletic and Recreation Association. Betsy was the Publicity Chair for ARA during our Senior Year. As such she was responsible for communicating to the college community about our activities and our upcoming programs. She did a great job. Her work was always done on time and she was an enthusiatic participant during our meetings. 

Betsy was a superior natural athlete. She was tall and lanky, but everything seemed to work in place when she played field hockey and any other sport. She ran easily and was wonderfully coordinated. We played hockey together and it was clear to me from the beginning that she outclassed most of the women on the field. I think that she had played for years at Abbott Academy. She was a natural. 

I was shocked to learn of her early passing. I do not know what she did after graduation. My hope was that she had a good life, although it was much too brief. Her sparking smile and her quick wit will be remembered always. 

Beverley Brown Bryant 1963

05/13/13 09:21 PM #2    

Sandra Perrott (Drew)

During our sophomore year, Betsy was my lab partner in Baby Physiology. Though I don't know the specific cause, Betsy had experienced many surgeries prior to enrolling at MHC. Therefore, the prospect of pithing a frog didn't even cause an - eeeuuuuwww! How fortunate I was to stand next to Betsy and appear busy whle she did all of the dissecting in our lab. I was even more fortunate to become a friend who was welcomed into her home near Boston. Though my memory does not produce the detail, I believe her father was a professor at Harvard. Their home looked like the set for a play or film about an academic family - comfortable rooms connecting on and on, lots of books and records, energetic family members...  We did not stay in touch after college and when I learned of her death, that lapse filled me with regret. Betsy was a generous and spirited young woman who died too soon.

05/16/13 04:27 PM #3    

Alison Hower (Heins)

I did not know Betsy well, but we commuted together from near Boston to college fairly often.  I have a fond memory of her upon one momentous occasion.  We were doing lunch dishes in the dorm during the Cuban missile crisis.  With the Air Force base so close, we felt especially tense.  Betsy said to me,"I could just dish, and dish, and dish all afternoon!"  I often recall her comment when things get worrisome.  It is good to do something routine with a friend and just be in the moment.

05/17/13 05:09 PM #4    

Elizabeth Tacy (Kubick)

Betsy taught me the three chords one must know to begin to play the guitar.  AND she loaned me her guitar whenever I asked, until I got my own.  I spent much of our freshman fall cross-legged on the foot of her bed, strumming those three chords and singing along (way offkey, alas).  She was generous and sharp-witted, with an incisive and fearless sense of humor...  I liked her immensely, and cherish the memory of those hours of guitar lessons and story-sharing.  Thanks, Betsy--------Beth (Tacy) Kubick

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