In Memoriam

Amy Dudek (David)

Amy Dudek (David)

College archives include this handwritten note:

Amy passed away on 8/2/05 from early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Continue to send all donation letters to me. 


(Signed) Ken David her Spouse


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05/05/13 05:59 PM #1    

Ellen Levy (Koenig)

Amy and I became close friends beginning with a 2 am conversation in the bathroom. She was a talented writer and extremely bright. When I learned of the neurological changes seen in the CAT scan I was shocked. Her husband was with her through it all.  She was a very special person..

05/08/13 08:31 PM #2    

Dorothy Davis

Amy and I were roomates our sophomore and senior years, both in Prospect, and we stayed in close touch for the rest of her life. She functioned as our group scribe by being the best letter writer and the one to whom we could write and know the news would spread to Roberta Thomas, Diane Willis, Ellen Levy and Kristen Moore. Amy loved Mt. Holyoke for its intellectual challenges and for the firm friendships made there. She married soon after graduation, had two sons by that marriage which eventually ended in divorce. However she had earned an MA in English from Boston College, and she became an English teacher  for about seven years until she met her second husband and they moved to South Bend, Indiana. She and Ken spent several Christmas seasons with me in Santa Fe as well as visits as other times. In 1989, when Roberta and her husband Jeff were killed in an airplane crash in Ethiopia, Diane, Kristen, Amy and I met in Washington for the memorial service. We continued our reunions in Santa Fe and in Portugal!  In the late nineties, I began to notice a  change in Amy. I visited her several times in Florida where they had moved and helped as much as I could during week long visits. Even as she declined, she maintained her sense of humor, and we could have good conversations when she was not able to speak well as I could usually finish her sentences for her, and we could laugh! She was very good about accepting help, enjoyed shopping, visits to the art museum, and walks along the beach boardwalk. It was always a positive experience in spite of her situation, and as Roberta Thomas's mother lived nearby, I was able to have some fun visits with her as well. Many of us know that Amy was a poet and excellent writer, but she also became a fine craftsperson. Even before Mt. Holyoke she excelled at knitting, but she also became a prize-winning quilter. I cherish the quilt she made for me. As I remember the years with Amy, I smile at her dry sense of humor, her ability to really listen to others and the whoops of laughter we shared.

05/09/13 12:41 AM #3    

Kristin Moore (Orliss)

Amy and I became friends our freshman year, and in one way or another I followed the events of her life after leaving college, which are noted  by Dotty Davis in her tribute to Amy.  It was very good to reunite with all of them, even through the tragedy of Roberta Thomas' death, and I kept more closely in contact with her until she was no longer able to write.  I will always remember Amy for her wry humor both vebally  and in her writing. At one point she won a writing award, perhaps in our Junior year;  she was so elated and so proud, and it was so well deserved.  I truly believe that her happiest days were at Mount Holyoke.

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