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Susan Schmetzer (Kinsman)

Susan Schmetzer (Kinsman)

Susan (Schmetzer) Kinsman, 52, a California stockbroker, who was a former Washington investment adviser and Capitol Hill staff member, died of a heart ailment Aug. 9 [1994] at her home in Fresno, California.

Ms. Kinsman, was born in Chicago.  She was a history and international relations graduate of Mount Holyoke College and received a master’s degree in international relations from Georgetown University.

She was an analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency in the early 1960s, then lived in California from1967 to 1974, where she worked for the State Assembly’s Ways and Means Committee and for Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D).

She returned to the Washington area in 1974 and spent the next three years on the staff of Sen. Alan Cranston (D-California).   She then held a variety of jobs before becoming a tax specialist with the law firm of Lehrfeld & Henske.   From 1990 until moving to California in April 1994, she had been an investment advisor with former FDIC chairman L. William Seidman’s investment concern. 

Her marriage to Robert Kinsman ended in divorce.

Survivors include a sister, Linda Cronin of Fresno.

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Beverley Brown (Bryant)

Susie Schmetzer was a beautiful woman, both inside and out. The outside was immediately apparent. Her dark hair contrasted with her lovely face which glowed, and always seemed to be smiling. But it was the inside beauty that resonated. She spoke with a calm and reassuring voice, always inquiring about what was going on, really interested in the details of the conversation, willing to listen without being judgmental. It was this way throughout her life. 

Susie was intelligent, eager to learn and quick to understand the bigger picture. She had many different careers during her brief lifetime, and was successful at all of them. But, for her, work was not a priority, it was her friends, her life as a traveler, a reader, a lover of art and the finer things that surrounded her. As busy as she was, she always took time for her friends. When I would visit Washington DC on business trips in the early 1990s she would always arrange a little MHC 1963 dinner with Tracy Truman and Nancy Welker and others who might be in town.  It was a wonderful evening for me, and I appreciated the difficulty that the everyone had in leaving their jobs early and traveling during rush hour to spend a little time with me. 

During the last year of her life, Susie decided to move back to California, where she had worked not long after college. I was thrilled when she found an apartment in Palo Alto and successfully passed the examinations to become a stock broker. She came to my House Blessing in May, 1994 and talked long hours into the night, just like the old days. I had just gone through a difficult divorce, had a new home of my own, and she was living only a half hour away. We planned to have many adventures together. Tragically, she passed away less than three months later. I still feel an empty place in my heart for Susie. I will always remember her. 

Beverley Brown Bryant, 1963


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